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Vocal and instrumental guitar centric music that is a original blend of rock, blues, jazz, and country with a vintage vibe and guitar harmony.

Songs about life, dreams, and things that go bump in the night. 

We Might Not Make It

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Daryl Crowley
Daryl Crowley


The road to Hell is paved with good intentions....


We started down this long road together

We had some real close calls

Better hang on we’ve hit stormy weather and

We might not make it all


We were ridin’ high on our way to glory

We ran into this wall

Too late to change our minds or change our story and

We might not make it at all



This time I fear the end is near

Lost without a way back home

What are we doin’ -  this road has lead to ruin

I just can’t shake it ……We might not make it


Climb another mountain.  Cross another ocean

We’re slowin’ to a crawl

We can’t seem to get our wheels in motion and

We might not make it at all


Do we have a chance?  Even just a sliver?

Look in your crystal ball

This road will take your heart and all you give her and

We might not make it at all




If we lose it here we lose forever

It’s a real long fall

Time to make our move.  It’s now or never

But we might not make it at all