A Brand New Attitude - Preview

Guitarbum Music

Vocal and instrumental guitar centric music that is a original blend of rock, blues, jazz, and country with a vintage vibe and guitar harmony.

Songs about life, dreams, and things that go bump in the night. 

Some of my favorite people, musicians, and places

My daughter Emily .  A degreeed and acomplished artist, an awesome vocalist and all around great human being.

Emily Crowley -Freelance Artist:  http://www.emilycrowley.com/


Mark Campellone built my custom Deluxe 18" archtop.  If you're into archtop guitars or just appreciate artisian crafstmanship, you need to see these guitars.

Mark Campellone:

Handcrafted Archtop Guitars:  http://www.mcampellone.com/


Dan Schafer - Vocalist and musican of exceptional talent, Wild West Show band mate, and one of Nashville's finest.. 

Dan Schafer: http://www.danschafer.com/


WWS alumnist Rex Raymond and his wife Letha and their band .  Music from the heartland.

Rex & Letha Raymond-Open Range



One of the most eclectic musicans I know, Frank Tanton's killer CD " Blues You Could Use"  just begins to give you a glimps of how good this guy is. 

Frank Tantonhttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/TanTon 


 If you like killer rock guitar, Mark Wessels new instrumental CD is a treat! 

Mark Wessels: http://www.MarkWessels.com/


Fiddle Champion and Fiddle Hall of Famer - Scott Cambell 

Scott Campbell: http://www.scottytunes.com 


If you're looking for a quality guitar new or vintage, I've not found any store that I like more than Michigan's own Elderly Music.  And with so many music web sites that are useless and out of date, Eldery's inventory listings are always up to date and have the detail pictures you want to see, and when they sell it... they take off the available inventory list.  If you're a musican... check them out.

Elderly Music:  http://www.elderly.com/