Guitarbum Music

Vocal and instrumental guitar centric music that is a original blend of rock, blues, jazz, and country with a vintage vibe and guitar harmony.

Songs about life, dreams, and things that go bump in the night. 



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 Genuine music - Made in America


 Original lyrics and music.





"A Brand New Attitude"  

Music and lyrics by Daryl Crowley*

                 "Songs about you and me and other real people"              

  1: Daddy Never Treats You Right  3:54

  2: Somethin’ Just Aint Right  4:12        

  3: Dream Girl  4:51

  4: We Aint Got Nothin To Do  3:32

  5: Right Between the Eyes  3:46

  6: A Brand New Attitude  4:00

  7: Snake Eyes  4:58

  8: You Better Treat Her Nice  3:26

  9:  Hungry Eyes  4:15

10: That's My Hope  4:12

11: Leave Me Alone  4:16

12: Keepin' Bad Company  4:34  (*lyrics: with Rob Williams)   

13: The Speed of Life   4:14

14: Cool As Ice   4:15                  

15: Blindsided   3:12

16: You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory*  6:10 

                                                                   *lyrics: Rob Williams