Guitarbum Music

Vocal and instrumental guitar centric music that is a original blend of rock, blues, jazz, and country with a vintage vibe and guitar harmony.

Songs about life, dreams, and things that go bump in the night. 

New guitar search 

A long road trip and some obligations behind me, the search for a new acoustic guitar has started.  Lots of new tunes in the works, waiting on the new guitar.  I will post some new free songs within the next few days. - Daryl

I posted a new instrumental today. 

I posted a new instrumental called "On the Run"

I love instrumentals but I try to keep them to a minimum as most people like lyrics, probably because they can sing along.  But instrumentals give musicans the chance to express themselves with their instruments.

I strive as much as possible with my guitar to mimic the human voice.  Guitar strings can be stretched and vibrated in ways the mimic human expression.  To me guitars speak a language that anyone can understand... even though it will propably convey…

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New music and new friends 

Thanks to all who have been nice enough to buy my CD.  Be sure to drop me an email to get notice when I post new songs for you to play anytime or download.  There are two new songs on the Free Songs page for January.  A new vocal tune and an instrumental guitar romp.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you!  Daryl