From the recording Daddy Never Treats You Right

A song for the women who pick the wrong guys.


She never got to see the world he said he show her
She never got to see Pari
He never understood.  He never got to know her.
The things she really wanted  were the things he faild to see
No fancy house.  No big fine car.
No Diamons or a swimin' pool.
Now your mind is made up 'bout who you are.
Now you're sick and tired of bein' taken for a fool.
Daddy never treats you right.
You might get lucky tonight.
You're never gonna make up
You only wanna break up.
Cause daddy never treats you right.
She never gets to dance or go out on the town.
He never takes her anywhere
She looked all around but no answer was found.
He looks right through her like she isn't even there.
She spends her days at home when he's out on the road
Empty hours go crawlin' by.
Nights when he's at home she's still there all alone
Can't take it any longer got to spread you wings and fly.
She said let's go somewhere I gotta get out a here.
He said maybe another day.
What's the use in tryin' she knows he's only lyin'
She's gotta break free and get away - get away.
She walked out the door and walked down the street
She' d takin all she really could.
I said I'm goin' somewhere would you like to ride along
She smiled and said you know I think I really would.
                chorus ..