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  1. Dream Girl

From the recording Dream Girl

Every guy wants to meet the girl of his dreams..


I woke up in bed. The sun was shinning bright
I saw my little angel again last night
I looked around the room but she’s not there
She never hangs around.  It just ain’t fair
I can never reach her on the telephone
She never leaves a message. She’s never at home
But she will always find me when the time is right
On a lazy afternoon or a late late night
I met a dream just the other night
Looked just like an angel in the pale moonlight
Wish upon a star
How I wish you might
Come back to me but not in a dream
I like the way she smiles when I see her face
I can always find her in our special place
Caught between the worlds of dark and light
Where I’ll find my little angel again tonight
We never go to movies or watched TV
We close our eyes and visualize reality
She’s everything that I imagined her to be
I never believed I’d find the Girl of my dreams