From the recording A Brand New Attitude

Maybe a new outlook on life would help...


Something’s wrong     something aint right
My woman left me in the middle of the night
Don’t wanna talk about it.     I’m not in the mood
Got to work late and lost my job
Aint no justice for a working slob
I’m not sure just what I’m gonna do
My money’s gone the market’s crashed
Can’t pay my bills.  My credit’s trashed
I need me A Brand New Attitude
I’ll find a way to carry on
Step out of the dark into the dawn
 Roll the dice          Come on seven
My ship came in   My amp’s on eleven
I got me                 A Brand New Attitude
I could hit blues and one night stands
But I can’t afford to pay my union dues
Can’t play guitar with a broken string
No one will pay just to hear me sing
I tried it once and all I got was booed.
My car broke down and I missed my gig
Tip the bottle and take a swig
I’ve need me A Brand New Attitude