From the recording Keepin' Bad Company

Choose your friends wisely..


I was sittin' in a bar last Saturday Night Wasn't lookin' for trouble. Wasn't lookin' for a fight Somebody said somethin' ‘bout somebodies wife That started a brawl and I ran for my life But the cops arrived and they said: That's enough!l They looked straight at me and slapped on the cuffs The judge said son tell me how do you plead I'm keepin' bad company Me and a friend we took a drive uptown We saw a long legged lady in a long white gown My buddy walked up and put his hand on her knee He said come up to my place and I’ll set you free It’s a point of fact on which we're all agreed I happen to have just what you need She punched him in the face then she came after me I’m keeping bad company 
Chorus: Why do these things always happen to me Take away this curse and set me free I thought about it and now I finally see It must be the company I keep
 I went to a party with some friends of mine We were drinkin’ heavy. We were havin’ a time The party got rowdy and it got out of hand The neighbors complained then they called the man They hauled us to the station and put us in a pen The cops looked at me and said: It’s you again! They locked me up and threw away the key I’m keepin’ bad company
I went to church on Sunday so I could repent All of my sins and my youth misspent   We sang of forgiveness and cleansing my way Then the preacher asked if I had somethin to say   I talked about my friends and how we was raised And talked about the paths we walk these days   The preacher just stopped and said: You gotta leave You're keepin bad company   I’m keepin’ bad company I’m keepin’ bad company I’m keepin’ bad company