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  1. Cool As Ice

From the recording Cool As Ice

Another lady that knows what she wants.


When she walks down the street everybody stares
But she don’t mind ‘cause she don’t care
‘Bout nobody, no nothing, no way, no how
No need to call her name
She’s got more men than a dog’s got fleas
And she can get some more anytime she Please
She can bring a man down
Right down to his knees.
She’s Cool As Ice   She’s no lady
Sacrifice your pride and maybe
She’ll put you off before she puts you down.
She knows just what to do.
 She’s Cool As Ice   She’s Hell to pay
Take my advice and run the other way
Keep On movin’ ‘till you’re on the other side of town.
She don’t need you.  She don’t need me
Everything she wants she get’s for free
Fancy cars, diamonds, and a swimin’ pool.
What more could a cool girl Need
She don’t Care for conversation and
Breakin’ hearts is her occupation
She’s a journey and a destination too
She don’t give a damn or the time of day
Won’t talk to strangers.  Won’t come out to play
She won’t take Your call so put down the telephone
Operator. Information.
She won’t commit. She won’t go steady
If looks could kill you’d be dead already
She’s got you singing those desperation blues