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  1. Blindsided

From the recording Blindsided

For those times when your just taken by surprise..


Blindsided – Caught in a storm  out in the rainBlindsided – Weathered and worn   rescue meUndecided – Which way to go   which way nowUnrequited – Questions I pose   I can’t believe….
Chorus: No way did I see that comin’ No way out but I keep on runnin’ away
Blindsided – Bolt from the Blue   see the lightBlindsided – Missing a clue  not a clueShortsighted – Intuition proved   prove somehowMisguided – I should have moved   move me now

Bridge: Blindsided caught unaware It snuck up beside me and poof it was there I was Blindsided again
Blindsided – Deer in the lights  see the lightBlindsided – A shot in the night  flee the nightLighted, ignited, stumblin’ blind  feel the fireUnited, collided, excited my mind   I can’t believe