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  1. Leave Me Alone

From the recording Leave Me Alone

Sometimes you just need to be alone.


Why won't the world Just leave me alone This load I've had to carry Has turned my heart to stone That's why I'm asking you Just leave me alone There was a time When everything was bright But everything that's happend Has turned my days to night Don't try to rescue me. Just leave me...
Chorus: ..alone. I'm walkin' Down this road to despair. It's a road that leads to ruin But I don't really care The things that matter most Were found but lost somewhere Their memory won't leave me alone
They say you can run But you can never hide I might not hide forever But you can say I tried My undercover life's unknown Just leave me alone Don't try to make it better I'm better off this way There is really nothin' That you could do or say I can make it on my own Please leave me.... Chorus: Please just keep on movin' There's nothin' here to see You can't share my troubles That I'll keep a mystery That’s just my comfort zone Just leave me alon Don't worry none about me Don't want no sympathy Don't need no conversation Isolation's what I need Don't call me on the phone Why won't they leave me alone Chorus: